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With news, giveaways, interviews and updates on research — our monthly online magazine takes an in-depth look at living with diabetes. We aim to bring useful information particularly to those who use injectables (like insulin) to help control their condition, so our emphasis is on using diabetes ‘kit’ like blood test meters, CGM sensors, insulin pens or pumps, as well as carb-counting.


We take living with the condition seriously but we’re keen to have some fun along the way and get on with our lives with diabetes just being a part of the bigger picture.



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Lead feature: Doing it for ourselves, A story about people with diabetes who have started up a website, a company, designed a product specificially aimed at making living with diabetes easier. Kit: Choc-chick website; Hypo-fit hypo aid; Golla MP3 bags (for pumpers); Unistix 3 finger pricker Demos: Video demonstrations of the Accu-Chek Multiclix lancing device and the Slim version of the Desang kitbag. News: Four fab books for living with diabetes — Carbs&cCals; Joe’s Rough Guide to Diabetes by Joe Fraser; Positive Diabetes by Dr Jen Nash; The diabetes cooking book for the treatment of type 2 diabetes published by Dorling Kindersley. Gallery: Frio insulin cooler bags, Hypo-fit hypo treatment, the Desang blood test Diary, Medipal ID services, The Diet Plate weight loss accessory, Rufus the bear with diabetes from JDRF.

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