Lizann Shuttleton, Oct 2011“My husband is delighted with the kitbag.”

Joanne Warren, Oct 2011 “I bought a kit bag for my daughter a few years ago. It’s been everywhere with her.”

Lisa Cook, Oct 2011, “My Roll-up bag arrived today, it’s brilliant ! ! At the moment I’m using something just a tadge smaller than a small suitcase to carry my stuff around when I’m out and about, so the Roll-up will be much better for me.”

John Neal, Sept 2011 “I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I ordered the slim kitbag yesterday and to my amazement it arrived today! Brilliant.”

Mark Goldingay, July 2011, “The order arrived today – I’m very impressed with both the product and the speed of delivery. Thanks very much!”

Rebecca Weddell, July 2011 “Thank you very much for my delivered-next-day order of test diaries – I’ve now got a year’s worth – fantastic!!!  I ALWAYS realise I ‘should have placed an order last week!’ when I’m on the last page – so I don’t need to worry about that again now until eleven and a half months’ time! Thanks for all you do for my diabetic life — be it on Facebook, in Balance magazine or via your brilliant Desang products!”

Marion W. Arbuckle “It is a long time since I have had such excellent service and I can recommend you to everyone. With all best wishes and many thanks.”

Tim Davies “Order arrived safely, excellent kit bag, impressed.”

Mel Hallas: “I work in Africa for extended periods and then travel back to UK for a break. While in Africa I fly to different cities. My kitbag caters for all my medical needs while I am travelling and while I’m at home. I do not go any where without it and no one guesses it is a medical bag. Conditions can be difficult in Africa and the case really is a life saver — it is very fit for purpose and I would recommend it to any one who travels with insulin, or medication of any kind. The service you provided was excellent and I am delighted with the product; it’s exactly what I need.”

Tony Bellamy, Melbourne, Australia, “Dear Sue, I have received both diabetic bags ordered. They have made an enormous difference to my diabetic management. I am delighted with your service and quality of products. Having all my diabetic supplies in one convenient bag means I have every thing I need wherever I go or travel to. Thank you so much for making my diabetic management so much easier and convenient.”

Paul Wagstaffe, “Hello Desang, I’ve been an insulin dependent diabetic for 31 years and have seen some tremendous changes with regards products etc. I’m a professional musician and I tour worldwide and therefore travel is part of everyday life. I recently purchased your roll up kit bag and just wanted to say how pleased I am with it. Everything in one place is my favourite catch phrase and the kit bag allows me to have all my necessary bits and pieces behind one clasp. I’m so impressed I’ve just splashed out and bought myself a classic kit bag. It’s great to be able to buy products that are specifically designed for individual needs. You’ve done a great job and can count on my support in the future. Many thanks!!”

Jeff McCann, “Thanks very much for the cases – as part of my employment, I travel considerably, and the large case has made my life considerably easier – everything together, protected and safe. I also carry one of the smaller ones in my luggage (as backup) and I find them well designed and constructed. Thanks again for your quick and fast fulfillment of my order.”

Harry William Dennis, “Dear Sue, I am writing to say thank you, what a wonderful product your Classic kitbag is, I have been using it for a long while now and I am very, very happy with it. It is so nice to be able to have ALL my kit in one place. Thank you once again.

Mr Cheal has had diabetes for 43 years. He used to use a plastic zip bag before, and he said, “Everything fits in so compactly. I am very happy with it indeed.”

Alan Morton has had diabetes for just over two years, and used a wash bag before his kitbag. “My kitbag is excellent! I have recommended the bag to a friend already. And thank-you for rushing my order through so I could go away with it.”

Rt Hon John Prescott MP, Deputy Prime Minister (at the time): “Thank you for sending me a kitbag. It looks great and will certainly come in very handy indeed.”

George Banks, “I was delighted to received the Desang Classic kitbag [won in the Reach reader offer December 05]. It will make managing my diabetes much easier. I can now keep my test meter, needles, both insulins etc , in one place. Without it looking conspicuous, the kitbag looking just like an organizer.”

Daphne Hopwood, “Please send me a second Slim kitbag. I’m finding the first very useful — I just pick it up and go! I’ll use the second in my bedroom for my night-time injection.”


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  1. Jenny Jones

    I recieved my Roll-up today and have already re-christened it my ‘flat-pick’ because it is so strong and will be so easy to include safely in my luggage. I have already tested it for capacity and know it will take testing kit (meter, tub of test strips, finger pricker, rolls of lancets and swabs), two syringes, needles and needle clipper, 2 packets of glucose tablets plus emergency hypostop. Additionally I will include eye drops and two strips of other tablets, so everything I need. It’s great.

  2. Dave Marshall

    I have had my slim Kitbag for four years now , Its great and goes every where with me , so easy to use at work or out and about and its great to know your meter,pens and needles are all in one place .
    Just makes life so much easier with T1.( must admit my kitbag still looks great even after four years of daily use )

    • -

      Thanks Dave. Me too! Sue

  3. Jonny Edwards

    Delighted to have received my classic kitbag today, after being diagnosed last week I really had no clue where to start with carrying everything around with me, however, now I have this brilliantly designed but of kit, I know I’ve always got everything that I need in one well-made, smart-looking bag. Thanks again

  4. Lee

    Hello Desang

    I have just received my Classic kit bag & am very pleased. I have just been diagnosed with type 1 & it’s great to have all my medical supplies safe & in one place. A great product at a good price, would highly recommend to others. I will be sure to shop with you again in the future. The only negative i have is i wish it had a slot for medical cards on the front or back. But its not really a problem. Thank you Sue for making my diabetes easier.

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