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Desang’s range of diabetes kitbags is currently exclusively available from Diabetes UK. The models available are the Classic, the Slim and the Pen Pack, all in black leather.

Follow this link to go direct to Diabetes UK’s online shop to get your Desang kitbag: https://shop.diabetes.org.uk/store/shop-by-brand/desang

The Pen Pack kitbag addresses the fact that most people on insulin in the UK use insulin pens for insulin delivery. Nearly all of these are using one long-acting and one short-acting insulin. For a 24-hour period they need two pens (and spare needles and cartridges).

The Pen Pack holds two insulin pens plus has a little zipped pocket that can hold 5 pre-packed needles and two insulin cartridges. Made of black leather, the pack is small and can fit in any bag or carrier. It is professional in appearance and does not look medical. The Pen Pack fits Eli Lilly Humapens, Novopens from Novo Nordisk or the range of Autolet pens from Owen Mumford, including the pre-filled pen ranges too.


Pen Pack Kitbag



Dimensions (when closed)
H: 19cm (7.5”)
W: 9cm (3.5”)
D: 3cm (1 ¼ ”)
Wt (when empty): 140g


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