Kitbags for insulin pump users

Kitbag for Insulin Delivering ItemsThe insulin pump delivers insulin. The pump is permanently attached to the body via a small injection-like canula, and a tube that links to the pump. The accessories required for insulin pumps range from infusion sets and inserters, to additional insulin reservoirs and bottles of insulin (some pumps use the cartridges used in insulin pens). Pumps do not take away the need for blood testing.

Sue Marshall, who runs this site and has designed the kitbags on display here, uses a pump. She says, “I use an insulin pump but I keep my trusty old Slim kitbag with me at all times, so that I can still blood test, and so I have a spare ‘old-fashioned’ insulin pen with me, should the pump fail. I also use one of the Roll-Ups for travelling, as it can hold six infusion sets, three reservoirs, two bottles of insulin as well as an inserter. The pump needs more, bigger accessories so the Roll-Up, which I’d designed for others who needed to carry a lot around with them, has turned out useful for me as a pump user too.”

Look at the Roll-Up kitbag to take enough pump supplies for a 3-week trip.

Consider a Slim kitbag for blood test kit plus back up insulin pen.

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on Kitbags for insulin pump users.
  1. Bode

    Do you make one to accommodate the Medtronic Paradigm and Mio insertion sets?

    • -

      Hi, for taking several infusion sets around with you, say for a holiday, your best bet is our Roll-Up kitbag or the Bottle Bank is a bit smaller for shorter trips or weekends. Sue

  2. -

    Hi Sue,

    Any chance hyou could send me some mroe pictures of the roll up leather bag. I need one or something similar but would like top see what the clasp is like and how big it is once all rolled up.

    Many thanks


    • -

      Hi Sam, do you want me to send you them direct? I’ve checked the pages and there was an error with the images, but they are fixed now. Take a look here. Best wishes, Sue

  3. Mark E. Vogel

    So happy you designed Kitbags for pump users. Just wondering would you consider doing one in a mailbag or postalbag design with a shoulder strap. Our son who was diagnosed at 28 as a type 1 walks to work.

    Love your product couldn’t find the quality in the states.

    Scottsdale, AZ USA

    • -

      Hello Mark, thank you for your comment. I designed the kitbags to fit inside other bags. Otherwise the problem would just reverse itself — a kitbag with a strap on and people would want room for a mobile phone, for a note book, etc, etc! So for now, we’re sticking with what we’ve got (we have considered your idea before). With best wishes, Sue

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