An innovative alternative to insulin pumps from Diabeloop

Another new innovation in personalised diabetes management has been introduced by the French company Diabeloop. Their new DBL-4pen is designed for people who can’t or don’t want to wear an insulin pump, and costs less than a pump. It involves an insulin pen linked to a smartphone app connected via Bluetooth, which operates as a continuous glucose monitor, measuring blood glucose levels every five minutes. Users have to input data about their meals and physical activity and the app automatically recommends the ideal insulin dose in real-time, which can be delivered via the pen with no more calculations to complete.

The measured data can also be transmitted to a doctor, nurse or family members through the YourLoops, a health data storage system which can be accessed by other people through the internet if the patient wants to share it.

The company is working towards a system where their software will work with almost every insulin pen on the market.

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