LATEST ISSUE: Dexcom G7 gets CE Mark, Glooko buys DiabNext, Sanofi buys Dario, YpsoMed teams with CamAPSalk

When I set this magazine up, the point was to share information and talk about diabetes ‘kit’. Back then (about a decade ago), few people wore, or had even heard about insulin pumps and everyone was blood testing, with all the rigmarole that entails (lancing device, a lancet, tub of strips, blood test meter). In this issue, it’s thrilling to see how diabetes tech is on the move, we are all well on the way to a better future with smaller, cleverer devices that can help ease the burden while also giving insights.

Not only that, as the diabetes care landscape evolves, so must relationships within it. There has been a strong movement spearheaded by JDRF in the United States to encourage all manufacturers of all devices to all them to ‘talk’ to each other.

So, as part of the News section, you can read about Sanofi’s deal with Dario, and Dexcom’s G7 getting a CE Mark. Then on p.14 there is a Kit Report update on the ongoing progress being made both in device development and company takeovers and partnerships. It’s heartening stuff. Like they say, every little helps if it’s heading in the right direction.

A story on common musculo-skeletal aches and pains on p.24, might explain some of yours, if you have any. Some are related to having diabetes, some are not.

On p.12 there is news of a new injection pen for helping someone having a very low blood glucose. Called Ogluo, it’s easier to use than previous solutions so help can be given faster. Progress indeed. – Sue Marshall

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