LATEST ISSUE: Our celebration of 100 years of insulin. Plus, Know Your Rights about driving licences.

As of 100 years ago, a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes ceased to be a death sentence. Seeing all the coverage of the amazing, life-saving elixir that is insulin has certainly made me think. Without it, I would not be here today. Thanks to that magic juice, I get to write and report and generally be inquisitive about all the many bits of diabetes ‘kit’ and other solutions and support that are out there for all of us who have, or know someone, who has diabetes (whatever type). I’m constantly impressed by the curiosity of people who want to make a postive change to other people’s lives, who strive to make things better. It’s thanks to various people with that attitude that lead to the discovery of insulin as a medicine to treat people who developed the condition. And there are plenty more of those pioneers out there pushing the boundaries on all aspects of living with diabetes.

We know that insulin is a treatment – it’s not a cure. There is plenty of research underway, both for improved insulins as well as possible cures. Diabetes health is pretty exciting at this point in time, as things can only get better. I can’t wait to tell you all about it as things develop. Meanwhile in this issue, as well as celebrating 100 years of insulin, there’s lots of news, food news, a Know Your Rights column about driving licences, a My Diabetes Kit interview with musician Lucy Fox and a Making Carbs Count column about home-grown Scottish honey. – Editor, Sue Marshall

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