LATEST ISSUE: NICE consults over diabetes tech to update guidelines for access on NHS

This is our last issue this year, and it ends with a bang, in as much as it’s been great to be able to bring you a report about current consultations on proposed new guidelines for access to more choices of technology on the NHS. See the report on p.14.

There’s a fair bit of news, with a special report on work being done by some of the lead charities in the sector, on p.8, including some fab new vids from JDRF about different types of diabetes tech.

On p.24, Dr Rose Stewart talks about the impact of wearing technology from her experience as a specialist psychologist in diabetes care, how to choose it and how to make the best of it, if indeed you want it at all.

Plus, we get insight into the world of a pro golfer, as Hannah McCook tells us about her diabetes kit on p.28.

Then we come over all seasonal with extra food news in the form of gifts for foodie friends and family and a round up of Christmas spirits – from gin, to martini, to beer, blueberry wines along with some no-alcohol options and some health drinks too.

Last, but not least we take another look at the humble little gems that are lentils.

We will still be doing our News Digests, and will be back at the end of January with our next issue of the magazine. Which means it’s time for me to wish you the best for the festive season, see you next year!

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