The TouchCare Nano System, a sneak preview from Medtrum.




Medtrum announces the imminent launch of their next generation tubeless insulin pump and calibration free Real-Time CGM. Introducing the TouchCare Nano family – the smallest, lightest tube-free insulin pump and CGM.

The TouchCare Nano family is smaller, lighter and more flexible than any other pump and CGM system. The Nano family is future-proofed for Hybrid Closed Loop (HCL) technology, whereby the Nano Pump, Nano CGM plus a custom algorithm work together to adjust insulin delivery automatically.

Medtrum is dedicated to developing innovative diabetes tech to help simplify diabetes management, by evolving, adapting and responding quickly to the needs of the diabetes community. Product evolution includes the world’s first and only tubeless insulin pump with the option to seamlessly integrate with Medtrum’s CGM to provide predictive low glucose suspend (PLGS) function. Another first is Medtrum’s EasyPatch App – allowing full smartphone control for Medtrum’s tube-free pump.

Medtrum products are widely available across the UK via the NHS, as well as numerous countries throughout Europe. Medtrum have been providing extensive training and exemplary support to users and healthcare teams since 2018.

Medtrum ensures all users keep up with the rapid technology innovations, upgrading them to the next generation product when they become available so that they are never left behind with old tech.

CAPTION: Medtrum’s TouchCare Nano  patch pump held between thumb and forefinger.


You are invited to be one of the first to experience the new Nano demo pump patch by submitting your details to join our waiting list. For a sneak peek at the TouchCare Nano family, CLICK HERE.




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