LATEST ISSUE: More uses of medical sensors; the Dexcom G7 in greater detail prior to launch in UK

Making sense of the sudden upsurge in sensor use in all thing medical, not just diabetes, we report on the new digital age of electronic body patches for everything from glucose, to temperature, and beyond.

There are three interviews in this issue. We have NHS worker Andy Lavender talking about his diabetes kit and the ultra-challenges he has found he could complete using a pump and CGM (image a day of being 100% time-in-range… then imagine a week!). Khalid Keshta who’s also risen to a unique challenge while living with T1D. After a leg injury foiled his football career, he returned to the gym and eventually ended up winning body-building competitions. I thought we’d have nothing in common when we met, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. We catch up with Dexcom’s CEO, Kevin Sayer, talking to us ahead of the much-anticipated launch of the company’s G7 sensor. He shares info on pilot studies including use of CGM tech for people with Type 2 diabetes. “Some physicians have been quite surprised by the results,” he says.

Then, there’s a Company Profile of Warwickshire-based Advanced Therapeutics which brings us the Dana range of insulin pumps. We talk to the company’s founder, John Hughes, and look at its products as these little pumps become more widely used. Sounds a bit chap-heavy this issue, but that’s just the way it turned out!

There’s part 2 of our fishy food feature, with info on some of the best online fish markets where you can have your selections delivered direct to your home. Our Making Carbs Count this issue is about black rice, with a couple of tasty, summery recipes – a cold soup (gazpacho) and a fruity fresh salad.

We’re back in September with our next issue. Enjoy the summer as much as possible.

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