Tracking blood glucose with Veri in the US

A food intelligence company has raised $4m in funding to start shipping its app which scans Abbott’s Freestyle Libre to help people monitor their blood glucose for preventative health insights.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Veri’s app uses Abbott’s glucose sensor and accompanying app to help people understand their optimal diet to improve metabolic health. The idea is to make blood glucose readings as commonplace as heart readings, which are easily tracked by smartphones and wearable tech. Veri’s app, alongside the CGM sensor, provides real-time feedback on food choices, analysing personalised blood glucose levels alongside exercise and sleep habits.

Available in the US this June, a single sensor costs $129, or two for $199. One sensor lasts two weeks. Users can also subscribe every month. For a single sensor, the subscription fee is €89 ($108 US) per month.

To find out more about Veri CLICK HERE.



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