Latest issue: Updates on Eli Lilly, Roche, closed loop systems and common eye problems

This issue is another filled with news and updates with the WHO’s Global Diabetes Compact, the possibility of tarantula venom being used to treat Type 2 diabetes, an update from the Obesity Health Alliance, and the chance to join JDRF ‘in the lab’ or on Zoom with an upcoming Fusion event taking place in late June. Find out why a doctor started up a charity for other doctors mental wellbeing and why BD is spinning off its diabetes business. News starts on p.4.

I was very interested in learning about Vanessa Haydock’s 25-year journey with Type 1 diabetes. She’s used it as a learning tool and now runs her own company where she undertakes personal training having gained various relevant qualifications (p.20). Dr Mark Evans gives us an insightful overview of the currently available closed loop systems and refers to what he calls the ‘data download decade’ (p.34).

The cover story is about common eye conditions, such as conjunctivitis, other progressive conditions such as glaucoma, along with a couple of the more common diabetes-related ones, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macula oedema (DMO) as well as tips to keep your eyes in a healthy state. There’s hotspots, crunches and northern Nigerian flavours in Food News (p.18). There’s a couple of recipes to download in a food report on how to picnic like a Lord, as well as a curious curry in Making Carbs Count, which this issue is about mangoes (p.38). Enjoy the long weekend! – Editor, Sue Marshall

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