Unhealthy snacks to be banned from England’s supermarket tills

Supermarkets in England will be banned from displaying unhealthy food and drinks at checkouts or using them in buy one, get one free offers as part of a proposed government crackdown on obesity.

Subject to consultation, checkout restrictions will apply to other sales-boosting spots, such as store entrances or the end of aisles. This extends to websites, banning sales links to unhealthy foods on homepages, or at checkout or payment pages. In addition, restaurants will not be able to offer free sugary drink refills.

The rules around promotions on bulk-buy offers on high-fat or high-sugar food and drinks would only apply to larger retailers with 50 or more employees. The limits on where unhealthy foods can be located apply to shops over more than 2,000 sq feet, with exemptions for specialist retailers like chocolate shops.

The restrictions are due to come into force in April 2022.


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