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Spirit Pharmacy, the UK’s only home delivery pharmacy offering tailored services for people living with diabetes, has launched its free Live Well With Diabetes package.

The resource combines valuable materials, such as foot care guides, monthly tracker sheets, and ideas for healthy food swaps, with helpful items to greatly impact people’s wellbeing when living with diabetes.

Zara Syed, Chief Pharmacist (pictured below), told Desang: “We’re doing a lot of work at Spirit looking at new ways that we can best help people living with diabetes. In general, people know that they can access help from their GP, local hospital or diabetes specialist nurse, but pharmacists are often overlooked despite our wealth of knowledge and being well-placed to support people in-between their regular medical appointments. We want to go much further than simply sending people’s medication to them. That’s why we put together this new package. As we already post customers’ medication, we can include these items at no extra cost for those receiving free NHS prescriptions. We see it as a key way to get the information and support that people need into their hands easily, and for free.”

“Although the lockdown has encouraged many people to go online more often and learn how to use digital tools such as Zoom, we know that many people still prefer the personal aspect of speaking to a ‘real’ pharmacist. That’s why we speak to lots of our customers personally over the phone, keeping up with what’s going on in their lives, helping to deal with their GP, and seeing how they are feeling. Many customers have been shielding, and it’s been lovely to be able to chat with them and feel like we’ve made a genuine difference during the pandemic.”

Zara Syed, Spirit Pharmacy

Spirit Pharmacy is also keen to hear from Desang readers. “We have lots of plans for Spirit Pharmacy going forward,” said Syed. “It’s an evolving process, and we are really keen to speak to people living with Type 1, Type 2 or any of the rarer types of diabetes, to understand how we can best support our customers. I’d love anyone who’d like to know more about our services or is interested in helping us develop new ways to support people living with diabetes.”

To get in touch call 0116-464-5558 or email hello@spirit-pharmacy.co.uk

Click HERE for the Live Well With Diabetes package.



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