LATEST ISSUE: A new meter from Roche; more on D.I.Y. APS

With all people with diabetes qualifying for a Covid-19 vaccine in the Priority Group Six, currently underway, I wish you all good luck in getting yours done. In the meantime, plenty to catch up on in this issue.

We’ve had a nice catch up with Roche, which is launching a new blood test meter – well, more of a system really. The new Accu-Chek Instant connects directly to its mySugr Pro smartphone app (all the bells and whistles thereof). It means uploading and downloading data is a thing of the past — all the bits connect seamlessly even as far as into your GPs surgeries via the Roche Diabetes Care Platform. Whizz-bang made easy, leaving you with less to do while gaining better insights for improved control. Neither you or your doctor need even leave home to do it. See Company Profile (p.28).

Dr Tom Crabtree of ABCD takes us through the entrepreneurial world of diabetics making their own closed loop systems (p.22).

There’s a bit more info on French algorithm Diabeloop on p.34, where employee and T1D Stephanie Jegu explains what it is.


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