Diabetes 101 website with resources by HCPs

Diabetes 101 is a new website created by a group of HCPs who had been communicating information via Twitter. The website has been created so that people who are not on that social media can access the same information but in this format. The site contains educational documentation for people living with diabetes, Types 1 and 2, for adults and children. It also contains Covid-19 FAQs, as well as quizzes and infographics on some aspects of living with the condition.

Speaking on behalf of the group, DSN Alison Cox says, “I have been one of the HCPs involved in a Twitter group called @_diabetes101. We are all volunteers and have just wanted to help people with diabetes during the pandemic. Twitter can be a fast way to get information, but it can also be quite hard to find information if you are not familiar with using Twitter – or of course if you are not on it at all. We felt that we had so much good information shared, that it was worth collating it all in one place on a website that can be accessed by anyone who can get on the internet.”

The team is made up of three Consultant Diabetologists, a GP with special interest (GPwSI) in diabetes, a Clinical Psychologist, two pharmacists, two dietitians, nine Diabetes Specialist Nurses and a Diabetes Retinopathy Researcher (of these, one consultant, one dietician and two of the DSNs are in paediatric diabetes care). All team members give their own time voluntarily in addition to their clinical roles.





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