Carelink update

Medtronic’s CareLink Personal reporting software has been updated. There is a new look / interface, a long-awaited makeover, with improved design and functionality.  There is also an updated consent process, including opting in to receive text message alerts on outages / system updates. Existing users will need to reconsent when they log back in for the first time. There is an updated Care Partner Registration, a new four-step procedure for Care Partners. This will immediately effect Guardian Connect users and is in readiness for future Medtronic devices.

The CareLink Uploader now includes improved ‘guided flow’ for 600 series pumps and overall there is improved operating systems and browser compatibility. Within the reports section, a new GMI / Coefficient Variation is now available on the Assessment & Progress and Therapy Management Dashboard Reports. There are New Guardian Connect reports with an Assessment & Progress Report featuring TIR and new Meal Bolus Report.

As part of the update, some items have been removed. All Java upload functionality has gone. Uploading now only possible via the CareLink Uploader Applet for 600 series pumps or by wifi for connected devices (currently the Guardian Connect standalone CGM). Logbook functionality has also been removed but the Logbook reports remain. Logs entered via the pump / Guardian Connect also remain unaffected.


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