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Everyone needs a holiday … But if you have a chronic disease, you already know that you can never completely separate from your illness. You and your condition are traveling companions. But with a little preparation and good cheer, anything is possible. You already know the basic rules on coronavirus and your medications, you have to wash your hands, avoid contact, wear a mask, etc … especially for those who suffer from chronic diseases. At the same time, keep your medicines at the right temperature and sterile.

LifeinaBox, the smallest fridge in the world, is equipped with a universal adapter for any country, but also comes with an adapter that plugs into an automobile auxiliary power outlet (better known as the cigarette lighter in your car), allowing you to keep your fragile medicines between 2-8 °C.

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Get a LifeinaTravel carry case (worth 50 Euros) with the purchase of LifeinaBox and its battery.

LifeinaKit includes:
– LifeinaBox, portable medicine refrigerator
– LifeinaTravel, an elegant travel case to transport LifeinaBox and its accessories
– LifeinaPower, the external rechargeable battery from Lifeina, which will give you an extra 6 hours of travel time

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