WaveForm Diabetes (formerly Agamatrix) and Bayer CGM

GlucoMen Day CGM

The newly named WaveForm Diabetes (formerly AgaMatrix Holdings) has named it’s new Executive Chairman and CEO, Rick Valencia. He has extensive experience in digital health and diabetes care, serving as a Board Member at Tandem Diabetes.

He has said, “I am honoured and excited to join the WaveForm Diabetes team during this pivotal stage in the company and the explosive growth in the diabetes care industry. WaveForm has a 20-year track record of delivering high quality, connected glucose management solutions to market in partnership with some of the world’s leading diabetes and retail pharmacy brands. Their new, disruptive, continuous glucose monitor is a game changer that, at a time when diabetes continues to grow at an alarming rate around the world, will help to ensure more people living with diabetes have access to easy to use, affordable, yet state-of-the-art glucose management solutions.”

The WaveForm CGM is based on several pioneering, patented innovations in glucose sensor technology, facilitating a virtually pain-free insertion process, limited interferences, extended wear time, and environmentally friendly, reusable parts. The system consists of a thin, wearable sensor that collects glucose data from just below the skin which is processed and wirelessly transferred to a mobile app through a small transmitter. The rechargeable transmitter lasts an entire session on one complete charge, and uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer data to an Android and iOS compatible mobile app.

WaveForm received CE Mark approval for its 14-day CGM system in November 2019, and began commercial activities to release the product under the GlucoMen Day brand in select European countries through their partnership with A. Menarini Diagnostics.

WaveForm is preparing for clinical studies in both mainland China and the United States, and also continues to conduct studies for extended sensor wear-time and alternate site indications in trials in Europe.




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