Dexcom and Ypsomed partnership on hybrid closed loop system

The mylife Ypsopump from Ypsomed

Dexcom and Ypsomed have announced a partnership to drive the development of a hybrid closed loop system, an important milestone in the further development of individualised diabetes therapy. In a first step, CGM data from Dexcom will be integrated into Ypsomed’s mylife app. The partnership means the full integration of glucose values from Dexcom’s G6 sensors into Ypsomed’s therapy management solution. Users of Dexcom CGM and the mylife YpsoPump insulin pump can expect:

  • All therapy-relevant data in the mylife app on their smartphone.
  • Every five minutes, the CGM sensor will send the current glucose values to the mylife app, where the current glucose reading and trend graph will be displayed.
  • The mylife app will alert its users when glucose values are too high or too low.
  • Configuration and sensor settings will be available directly in the mylife app.
  • Users will be able to send their CGM and insulin pump data wirelessly from the mylife app to the mylife cloud and share it with their diabetes team or caregivers.

The mylife Ypsopump from Ypsomed held in a man’s hands.

The integration is expected to be available in late 2020 / early 2021 in Europe, by a simple update of the mylife app and no need to replace the current insulin pump.

Integrating Dexcom CGM data is a significant step forward in Ypsomed’s mylife loop program. The goal of the program is a modular and therefore customizable diabetes therapy system with an insulin pump completely controllable via the smartphone, and the future option of adding a hybrid closed loop feature powered by the Dexcom TypeZero algorithm. The smartphone approach enables feature-upgrades without the need to exchange the insulin pump hardware.

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