Free online resource – BD and Me

An online educational resource – BD and Me – has been made free-to-access by anyone who wants to learn about that diabetes basic, injecting.

This free access has been made available by Becton Dickinson (BD) during this period in order to support the diabetes community. Chris Maquire, Marketing Manager at Becton Dickinson, says: “We understand that the current situation is very challenging, with a lot of unknowns and changes in priorities and opportunities for clinical visits. Normally access to this resource is through a code that you would find on boxes of BD Micro-Fine Ultra Pen Needles.”

You probably don’t think that much about your technique, but with this series of simple, clear modules you can test your knowledge and challenge yourself to complete the course. You never know, you might learn something!

There’s a range of topics covered (who knew there could be so many?). So, from delivering insulin to the right place, to using the right needle, as well as how different insulins work in your body are all explored, as well as how to store it and how to care for injecting sites. Then trouble-shooting – why bruising? Why pain? Plus dealing with the unexpected.

As a means of education, you can track your progress in completing the modules. But nor does BD suggest that you should be going it alone, giving tips too on how to work with your healthcare team to design your own tailored lifelong learning plan.

With bright graphics, it’s an easy to access programme suitable for anyone who’s injecting medications.

To access it, use the code UK-01-KQCR at

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