OurPath is now Second Nature

Due to feedback that the name OurPath sounded like a cult and that the name also seemed hard to say (OurPlan, OnePath) the weight-management programme has changed name and is now known as Second Nature. We all take a slightly different pathway towards our goals, but all have the need to change unhelpful habits in common. Making healthy choices second nature is the key to lasting lifestyle changes. Nothing about the programme, nutrition recommendations, app features or any of the people at the company have changed.

The programme was originally aimed at people living with Type 2 diabetes and those referred by GPs in the NHS but is applicable to anybody looking to make a lifestyle change, no matter what their background or life situation who wants to change their habits with regards to food.

OurPath was announced as one of 5 digital providers of the Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme in November 2017 with backing from Roche Diabetes Care, a company whose strong heritage has been built on pioneering innovation over the past 40 years. Digital therapeutics is part of a new phase of healthcare revolution with both Roche and the newly entitled Second Nature having a shared ambition to empower people to make sustainable changes for the long-term. The partnership with Roche Diabetes Care, saw the Second Nature programme being offered to the wider population at a much quicker pace. Anybody who would like to invest in building healthier habits for themselves is able to sign up for the programme online without having a GP referral.

Second Nature focuses on changing everyday behaviours to support weight management, including changes to carbohydrate intake.

If you have any underlying conditions, remember to discuss any new lifestyle programme with your healthcare team before starting as it may not be suitable for every individual. It does not replace any medical advice you already received relating to diet and lifestyle.



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