Spare a Rose – life for a child with diabetes

Ascensia Diabetes Care has announced that they will be continuing their support for this years’ Spare a Rose campaign. The 2020 Spare a Rose campaign is organized by Life for a Child to raise funds to provide life-saving insulin, testing supplies and education for children with Type 1 diabetes in countries with limited access to such essentials. This is the third consecutive year that Ascensia has supported the Spare a Rose campaign.

Life for a Child believes that no child should die of diabetes. Spare a Rose is the flagship fundraising campaign which aims to deliver on this goal. Spare a Rose encourages people to buy at least one less rose for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day and instead donate the cost for a rose to Life for a Child. Life for a Child uses these contributions to provide insulin, test kit supplies and education to young people with diabetes in need around the world. Just one £5 donation can provide a month’s supply of insulin, and their projects currently support over 21,000 people in 42 countries worldwide.

Ascensia is encouraging its employees to donate to the campaign and will match their donations, up to a maximum of US$8,500, representing one rose per employee. Over the last two years, Ascensia has been the top corporate donor to this campaign, contributing more than US$23,000 through a combination of employee and corporate donations.

Robert Schumm, Diabetes Management Domain Head and Head of BGM Business at Ascensia, said, “We are delighted to be supporting Life for a Child for the third time, as we believe in the ability of this campaign to change the lives of young people with diabetes. The work of Life for a Child is nothing short of exceptional. They are saving the lives of children across the world by providing supplies that they cannot otherwise access. As a company that specializes only in diabetes, we are committed to supporting this community as a trusted partner. It is very important that we stay true to, and find ways to genuinely live, our values, and this is just one of many ways that we can do that. It is important to use the platform that we have to effect positive change, not only within our company and locally, but around the world. As a leader in diabetes care, we also want to set an example to others in the diabetes community. I urge companies and individuals in the community and beyond to come together to donate, so that together we can save the lives of many children around the world.”

Ascensia’s support has not gone unnoticed, explained Dr. Graham Ogle, General Manager of Life for a Child. “It’s only thanks to generous donors like the team at Ascensia that we can do what we do. With this combined support, we have been able to preserve the lives of thousands of children and young people around the world with type 1 diabetes, who would have otherwise struggled to access the care they need to manage this very challenging health problem.”

Donations to Spare a Rose can be made at or

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