A Taste of Ceylon – cinnamon capsules giveaway!

These cinnamon capsules are made with Cinnamon Hill’s own fresh and organic Ceylon cinnamon, harvested from plantations in Sri Lanka and capsuled in the UK. They are totally pure for maximum health benefit.  The packaging is a transparent vegan capsule; you can see the contents. If you open one and smell the powder, the scent speaks for itself. They’re easy to swallow or you can open them and sprinkle onto your food or into your juicer, and so on. Whilst there’s still no conclusive clinical evidence about cinnamon supplements improving blood glucose control, there’s more and more anecdotal evidence to suggest that Ceylon cinnamon improves the body’s ability to utilize blood glucose in people with Type 2 diabetes.

To read a little more background, click HERE.

GIVEAWAY! We have x3 packets of Cinnamon Hill’s Ceylon Cinnamon Capsules to give away. Send an email with the subject line ‘Capsules’ to info@desang.net

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