Latest issue: Actiste, an all-in-one solution to both insulin injecting as well as blood testing (coming soon), Abbott and Sanofi’s technologies to unite insulin delivery and CGM

Taking any excuse to get food on the front cover, it was fun to discover while working on a feature about summer’s food trends that someone has come up with advice on how to stop seagulls taking off with your chips. Thanks to Krispies in Exmouth for the great pic. I do like mushy peas! There’s loads more fun facts and finds in the Food Feature on p.20. Plus, in Making Carbs Count NHS dietician Lisa Bailey explains how wet (cooked) and dry (uncooked) food weights vary and the effect on carb-counting (p.38). In the preceding pages she introduces her handy creation, the Carb Spoon which is an aid to portion control.

We bring you news of a product that will be coming soon: Actiste (pictured) is an all-in-one solution to both insulin injecting as well as blood testing. Plus, Abbott and Sanofi have announced a partnership to bring together technologies that unite insulin delivery and CGM. We’re sensing a bit of a theme here…

Speaking of creativity, I enjoyed talking to Iulia Stefan and Rosie Vincent about their diagnoses and how they have learned to live with it in Our Diabetes Kit (p.14). Both have made art out of their used diabetes consumables. – Sue Marshall, editor

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