Libre nation: new online education course about Flash Glucose Monitoring

A new education programme is the first of its kind to address diabetes technology education on a national basis.

The Flash Glucose Monitoring Education Programme has been created and presented by members of the Diabetes Technology Network (DTN-UK), this is a series of videos designed for people with diabetes who use FreeStyle Libre and for the healthcare professionals who support them.

There are 13 modules available including an introduction by Dr Emma Wilmot (who has Type 1 diabetes) and presents other modules on basal insulin (with both insulin pens and pumps) and a joint presentation, with Libre user Nick Rycroft, called The Diabetes Rollercoaster.

Dr Peter Hammond presents, Getting Started with FreeStyle Libre, while Dr Jackie Elliott talks about bolus insulin(with both insulin pens and pumps). Drs Parth Narendran and Rob Andrews tackle Exercise Strategies while dietician Nicola Taylor’s module is about carbohydrate counting. A module on hypoglycaemia and another on understanding arrows are presented by Dr Pratik Choudhary. Dr Fraser Gibb’s module is called, Reviewing my data: what does it all mean? Then DSN talks about interpreting daily traces, then the programme is finished by Dr Iain Cranston’s module on Glycaemic Variability.

These modules are available to watch on the DTN website for free. Abbott Diabetes Care who provided ABCD DTN-UK with a restricted educational grant for the development of these resources, but had no part in creating the content or marketing the modules.

Dr Pratik Choudhary, incoming chair of the Diabetes Technology Network says, “I really do hope that people with diabetes and health care professionals who support patients using this technology find this a useful resource. We are already working on our next set of resources that will deal with other new technologies coming out.”

The modules available to watch on the DTN website for free. Further resources on other diabetes technologies will be added over time. To see the current course click the link:

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