Infusion pumps for Type 2 diabetes

People with Type 2 diabetes who used an on-body patch pump from Valeritas reduced HbA1c in a study on the validity of its V-Go wearable insulin delivery device. Data in the study came from a retrospective analysis of 139 patients with Type 2 diabetes using the Valeritas, the American company stated. The V-Go device is worn like a patch and delivers a preset basal rate of insulin over the course of 24 hours and can also deliver on-demand bolus dosing at mealtimes if needed. Results from the trial indicated that patients using the V-Go system had an average reduction in HbA1c levels of 1.5, a decrease in insulin total daily dosage of 14%, and it was found that the percent of patients prescribed additional medications decreased, as did hypoglycaemic events. Valeritas has recently signed an exclusive deal with Israeli biomed company Tritech to commercialize V-Go.

Becton, Dickinson and Company (far better known as BD maker of many disposable syringes and insulin pen needles among other medical moulded plastic products) has also been working on a tubeless, basal-bolus insulin patch pump designed for people with Type 2 diabetes. It has been reported that the company expects to submit the pump to the FDA soon with a view to a possible, limited, launch in late 2019. It will hold enough insulin for three day so wear and communicate with a reusable handheld controller with Bluetooth connectivity with possible access to data via a smartphone app. BD’s plan is that the cost will be close to that of existing insulin pen injection therapy, making access to pumps for people with Type 2 diabetes more likely.

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