Kaleido UK launch

At the end of April ViCentra announced the UK launch of its Kaleido insulin pump system, which it says is the smallest, lightest and most flexible pump of its kind, combining the freedom of a patch pump with the versatility of a conventional pump. It uses micro-pulse technology to deliver accurate, consistent and reliable dosing of insulin. The size of the pump and the availability of two different tubing lengths mean it can be worn anywhere on the body or, if preferred, use the longer length and keep the pump in a pocket.

The company also says that Kaleido appeals to pump-eligible people who consider the existing options too bulky, too complicated or too restrictive. Alex Evans, UK Country Manager for ViCentra has stated, “Our vision at ViCentra has always been to design solutions for people with diabetes so they can spend less time thinking about diabetes and more time living life. We know diabetes isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ condition and don’t think pumps should be either, so we are delighted to be launching Kaleido in the UK. Our company was founded by two Brits and it feels great to be bringing it home.”

The launch in the UK will be phased, available through select clinics in the coming months, then rolled out more widely across the UK later in 2019 (more details to come in due course). Michael Graves, CEO of ViCentra has added, “We are proud to be moving beyond the Netherlands and into the rest of the world. We have been working on Kaleido for quite a few years now and it’s great to see it finally come to life in other countries. The UK is the first of many countries where Kaleido will soon be available.”

The pump weighs in at just 19g. It’s controlled via a small Bluetooth handset and is fully rechargeable. The pump and handset are available in ten colours and can be used alongside any blood glucose monitor.


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