Feet First urged in National Feet Week

National Feet Week is taking place (13- 20 May) with the aim of encouraging people of all ages to prioritise foot health, the way they would book regular check-ups at the dentist or optician. Everyone with diabetes should be getting an annual foot examination, but maybe people without diabetes should too.

Podiatrists are keen to encourage people not to ignore common foot complaints which can lead to serious issues and pain. Fungal nail infections, corns, heel pain and hard skin can all be routinely treated — it is not to be underestimated how feet can feel with a bit of extra tender loving care.

With summer approaching, foot conditions such as hard skin are more visible with open-toed and flimsier shoes being worn, and which can exacerbate minor problems leading them to escalate.

Tony Gavin, leading UK podiatrist and CEO at footcare company OSGO (www.osgo.co.uk)explains, “It’s our mission to make people prioritise their foot health in the same way they would eye and dental care. We are sure that anyone considering a visit to the podiatrist will never look back once they have made a commitment to regular footcare.”

For more information about common foot ailments and how a podiatrist can help and for a full list of UK podiatrists, visit www.podsfixfeet.co.uk

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