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Latest issue: Our 100th! With Pricks (the play), microneedle CGM, and plenty of other news items and features.

I’m not sure quite how to celebrate the publication of the 100th issue of Desang’s online diabetes magazine. I’d just glad that we’re still here and able to report on the ongoing research and individual wisdom of the people I get to talk to. For example, Jade Byrne, a woman with Type 1 diabetes who has written a play about it, and aptly called Pricks. We talk to her about how she keeps control even when performing live on stage. Then there’s Dr Monika Reddy, who is researching a microneedle CGM technology. As usual, there’s plenty of news, including JDRF UK’s CEO Karen Addington, sharing her story about ‘celebrating’ her 40th dia-versary. It just happens to be a bit of a ‘girl power’ issue, not specifically planned that way. Plenty of fellas quoted within too, including Roddy Riddle, an ultra-marathon runners who swears by his CGM helping him to keep on top of things. I hope you enjoy this issue. – Sue Marshall, editor

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