One-stop app for total fitness and health

The new Amplify Life app combines tech with fitness for a one-stop solution. The app uses AI and data uploaded from your devices, to deliver tailored coaching, to you, across fitness, health, nutrition, wellbeing, and sleep. By understanding your ‘why’ Amplify provides the information you need to help you to achieve your goals.

Amplify Life conducted a survey of one hundred 18 to 75-year olds and found that 61% used technology for fitness and that monitoring progress and finding tailored training plans is a priority. They have therefore created an experience focused on coaching that is unique to each user and tailored to their specific goals. The app is free with features that include the following (none of which is specifically related to diabetes):

Coaching advice. Amplify use a group of expert online coaches, and influencers in fitness to provide 24/7 support and coaching. Users can also access personalised training and nutrition plans directly from Amplifiers (experts, athletes, and Olympians).

Meaningful insights – With built-in intelligence, the app is aligned with your aspirations and goals.

Single data view – Data is aggregated from your tracking device, performance app, and manual input and is used to generate performance results.

Events – The app gives you access the largest database of UK sporting events; sign up, select your training plan and receive expert coaching to get you across the line.

Challenges – Stand-alone challenges enhance your training plan and test your performance.

To find out more visit the Amplify website to download the app HERE.

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