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Latest issue: Moving away from Animas; are you more than a number?

Those of us on insulin pumps must wait four years between each pump change, but Animas users were forced to change sooner than that when the company announced it was retreating from the market. Final choices need to be made by the end of April, with Animas refunding clinic’s costs for the switch over. Kendra Leighton shares her decisions making in a feature on p.30. Medical student Matthew Anson has so much knowledge about diabetes as he has studied it as well as lived with Type 1 diabetes. In his article on p.26 he sees how the numbers involved in diabetes care work for him. We have some fun too, with a look at getting up off of our bottoms with sit-stand desks on p.14, and a giveaway of the latest book from Carbs&Cals on World Food. We’re being a bit cheeky in our regular Making Carbs Count column, as there are cakes involved, but ones made with extra vegetables, so a tiny bit good for you if you really must give in!

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