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EVERSENSE sensor from Accu-Chek

The Eversense system continually measures interstitial fluid glucose levels in adults with diabetes for the operating life of the sensor, which is 180 days (six months).

Although the CGM is implanted the user wears a reader on the skin, which delivers glucose trend information and includes alarms for the detection and prediction of episodes of hypo and hyper. This data can be transmitted via an app to a smartphone.

The aim is that the system will allow users to manage their diabetes with more flexibility, confidence, and discretion. Also, the system needs calibrating twice a day with a blood glucose reading.

The Eversense sensor is inserted in a clinical environment, the implanted sensor is powered wirelessly by the transmitter placed on the arm directly over the sensor. There are only a few centres where implants can be done.

To find out more contact Accu-Chek direct or talk to the people at London Diabetes Centre.

This is part of a round up of sensors currently available in the UK from a feature in the online magazine. To see the full feature click HERE.

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