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ENLITE sensor from Medtronic

Medtronic’s Enlite sensor works with the company’s Minimed insulin pump series. It can also be used as part of Medtronic’s Guardian Connect alongside other pumps or by people on MDI as a stand-alone system.

The purpose of the new Medtronic Guardian Connect is for people who either don’t want to pump, can’t get a pump, or have Type 2 diabetes and are not being encouraged to use an insulin pump.

Therefore, the Medtronic Guardian Connect does not work with an insulin pump but with a smartphone. This consists of an Enlite sensor worn on the body that uses a Guardian Link to transmit glucose results every five minutes via Bluetooth to a free app on a smartphone.

This means easy visibility of data for the user (or interested parties — the system can also be made to send SMS alerts to parents, partners or HCPs.).

Enlite sensors need calibrating at least twice a day. If you’re using the app, you just plug the calibration from your blood test meter into the app.

Using the Enlite with either the 640g or 670g, or as part of Guardian Connect, comes with a system of alarms that can be adjusted around an individual’s needs. You can also set up your own alerts and you’ll see arrows showing you if your readings are trending up or down. These have been proven to increase time spent in range, helping users to eliminate being too high or too low.

This is part of a round up of sensors currently available in the UK from a feature in the online magazine. To see the full feature click HERE.


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