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How do you find getting your repeat prescriptions from your doctor’s surgery, and what about dealing with your local pharmacy? The people at Now Patient have asked me to ask you – so we’ve put together this survey. With something that for most of us is a life-long condition needing medication for the foreseeable future, we all have to remember to stock up, plan ahead, save drawer space ready for items. How many repeat prescriptions have I had over my more than four decades of living with T1D? They’re certainly quite a big feature in my life (in keeping me alive, in fact). Please take the survey to tell us about your experience. I’m interested to see how you each have fared, then see overall as a group what our main frustrations are.

From what I know of it, Now Patient is a super service especially for those who find it tricky to keep on top of their supplies, or to go in person to GPs and pharmacies. There is no obligation at all to sign up to their services, but there’s an option to hear more about them at the end of the survey. There are 13 quick questions. Please take a look and take part! I’ll publish the results in the next issue. When you get to the end of the survey, there’s an option to see the results to date. – Editor, Sue Marshall

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