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Moby, the Medical Detection Dog: an update

Moby, the hypo detecting dog.

We’ve covered Moby’s story before, as she is a medical detection dog who has been trained to sniff out hypos. Speaking on behalf of the charity Medical Detection Dogs, Claire Pesterfield, who herself has T1D and has her own detection dog, updated us saying, “Earlier this year, Moby went to live with one of our instructors to receive some advanced training. This involved advanced obedience in lots of different environments, keeping her focus amid many distractions, maintaining self-control when temptations were placed in front of her. During her time with her instructor she got to experience snow for the first time. Moby has now been placed with her new family and is enjoying her time with them. Its very early days at the moment and we hope she continues to flourish as an assistance dog for the new client.”

Moby’s training was sponsored by Accu-Chek Mobile, the blood test meter brand from Roche Diabetes Care, hence her name.


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