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Latest issue: Overview of CGM sensor choice

By the time flash and sensor glucose monitoring are being name-checked more than once in NHS England’s newly published Long Term Plan, you know that this technology has definitely ‘arrived’. It’s about time, and it’s wonderful news. To reflect this, we have a report on the NHS plan in terms of diabetes care, but also an overview of what sensors are currently available in the UK and which are coming soon. With news about sensors from Ascensia, Sugarbeat, Medtrum’s A6 Touchcare, Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre, Medtronic Enlite, choice is about to double. See feature on p.20. Get stuck in, and see why it’s worth getting a sensor stuck on!

As always, there’s news, food news, a cookbook giveaway, and a survey you can take part in (tell us what you’ve experienced getting repeat subscriptions fulfilled, on p.4). Adrian Long shares his diabetes story, after being diagnosed at age 40, 20-odd years ago. And our regular Making Carbs Count feature is on those big juicy bubbles of colour, grapefruit.

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