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Animas: Update on pump transitions in the UK

As previously advised, Animas’ goal is to transition all patients globally to another insulin delivery system and exit the market fully by September 2019. On 15 January 2019 the company wrote to all Trusts/ Health boards in the UK to offer the following support to healthcare providers to assist with transition of patients from Animas pumps to alternative insulin delivery systems.

Animas is offering a refund program for all pumps with warranties expiring on 1 October 2019 or later. Animas will refund to Trusts part of the purchase price of those pumps on a pro rata basis determined by how many full months of warranty are remaining on the date that the patient is transitioned to an alternative pump. The refund is conditional on the Animas pump being returned to Animas and is subject to terms and conditions (as detailed in the letters sent to the Trusts/ Health boards). In order to participate, Trusts / Health Boards need to sign up to the program by 30 April 2019.

Animas has further stated that it understands the pressures that this situation has placed on the clinical teams and that resource is required to transition a patient on to a new insulin pump. The company says that is has listened to the needs of our customers and are pleased to offer a Training Support Program at no cost the to the Trust/Health Board. A chosen partner, Apodi, has been engaged to deliver an in-house, nurse-led training and education plan to support diabetes teams as they transition patients to an alternative pump of the Trust/Health Board’s choice.

For further information call 01494 552028 or email CusOpAnim@its.jnj.com

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