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SugarBeat CGM due to launch

Nemaura has developed predictive algorithms to support alarm functions in its wearable SugarBeat  glucose monitoring system. The British company’s device has alarm functionality that can predict a user’s glucose level five minutes in advance with 98% accuracy, 10 minutes in advance with 95% accuracy and 15 minutes in advance with 90% accuracy, according to research. Researchers found that data from the SugarBeat product compared favourably with data from other CGM systems.

Nemaura is expecting to win CE Mark approval soon, at which point it will launch in the UK with a small group of users which will then be followed up with a full scale launch on a gradual basis across the UK and into other major European territories.

Nemaura Pharma is a UK based specialist Biotech Company with over 20 products in development, including several complex injectables, using proprietary and differentiated delivery platforms. The Company is head-quartered in the University town of Loughborough, and has several development laboratories as well as a clean room suite and a license for the manufacture and supply of transdermal, topical, and aseptically manufactured injectable products using gassed isolation technology.  www.nemaura.co.uk

We previously covered the technology in our June 2016 issue (page 12), in an article called Kit That’s Coming Soon.

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