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LATEST ISSUE: Nationwide access for Libre sensors. Behaviour change programmes. Time, lords and sensors. And much more!

Our latest issue is out, and it’s a bumper one. There’s loads of news. A new sensor called SugarBeat is due out soon. We have a useful infographic courtesy of the OneTouch Sports Weekend that gives insights on diabetes and exercise. A new comic talks ketones to kids. See also our feature Changing Up on the NHS’s new behaviour change programmes such as Changing Health and Our Path. We report on the announcement of the end of the postcode lottery for Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre sensors (for those that qualify), and look back at how we got to this decision: it’s great news, but it took a while — there were even very sensible questions raised in the House of Lords — hence our story, Time, Lords and sensors. And in Making Carbs Count Dr Stuart Farrimond talks about ‘tiny particles of intense flavour’ in his book, The Science of Spice. Sit back and enjoy!

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