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Johnson & Johnson closes $2bn LifeScan sale

onetouJohnson & Johnson (J&J) has closed the $2.1billion sale of its LifeScan blood glucose monitoring subsidiary to private equity player Platinum Equity. The sale is part of the New Jersey-based healthcare conglomerate’s move to get out of the device end of the diabetes healthcare arena, according to a report by Drug Delivery Business.

Early last year J&J announced a strategic review of the LifeScan, Animas and Calibra Medical diabetes businesses, later closing down the Animas insulin pump subsidiary globally. In July CeQur acquired Calibra Medical’s insulin patch-pump from J&J, the same month the company agreed the sale of the Lifescan brand to Platinum Equity.

In terms of what this all means for people using LifeScan products in the UK, absolutely nothing changes. The LifeScan brand – which has been around for 35 years – is simply now a stand-alone company invested in by Platinum Equity, which owns the company but does not manage it. All systems regarding blood test meter supplies and company contact numbers are set to remain the same for the foreseeable future.

According to a statement, LifeScan remains dedicated to servicing its patients and their care teams. Its OneTouch brand of blood glucose meters is well used and liked globally. In the UK it’s OneTouch Reveal and OneTouch Reveal app are widely used and available.

J&J plans to continue to offer bariatric surgery products and drugs like Invokana and Invokamet in the diabetes sector.

LifeScan UK customer care, click HERE.

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