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Digital pharmacy opens

Now Pharmacy MD Lee Dentrith

A new £1.5m digital pharmacy has opened in Liverpool, aimed at helping people living with chronic care conditions to manage their medicinal needs through artificial intelligent mobile app ‘Now Patient’. It has been developed by Now Healthcare Group to enable up to 15 million people living with long-term health conditions (such as cancer, diabetes and lung disease), to get free delivery of their repeat NHS prescriptions initially across Liverpool (with plans to expand delivery to the rest of the UK).

NHS approved, Now Pharmacy is a tele-Pharmacy ‘super-hub’, and will be able to dispense around 500,000 prescriptions per month using the latest robotic technology. It aims to bring improvements to those who have suffered due to recent community pharmacy cuts and have difficulty accessing their medications.

Lee Dentith, Founder and CEO of Now Healthcare Group says, “The NHS is evolving, and digital innovation is crucial to offering patients quality care and choice. As many as 15 million people in the UK are suffering with chronic conditions, and Now Patient enables them to manage their own healthcare needs and to reduce the strain on the overstretched national health services. We are using robotic technology to streamline processes and fulfill prescriptions for thousands of NHS patients.”

Last year, the Now Healthcare Group became the UK’s first digital health provider to be assured by the Care Quality Commission to meet all requirements within the new enhanced digital guidelines, with no areas for improvement.

NHS Chronic Care Patients can nominate Now Patient as their NHS pharmacy to get free delivery of their repeat prescriptions nationwide.

The app is free to download (available on iOS and Android). It includes smartphone-based video appointments with NHS trained GPs, medical adherence platforms to help users manage their medicine usage and repeat prescription services offering free medicine delivery.


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