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Latest issue: Sophie tells of having her diabetes reclassified, no longer needing insulin; plus all you need to know about coeliac disease and gluten intolerance and diabetes

In this issue we look at what you need to know about coeliac disease and gluten intolerance. There’s news (from p.4) about Dexcom buying TypeZero (a diabetes management platform), Novo Nordisk buying Ziylo (developer of glucose binding molecules, leading to the development of ‘smart’ insulins). And then there’s Sophie Reymbaut’s amazing story, having lived ‘as a Type 1 diabetic’ for nearly 30 years her consultant, Professor Mark Strachan, tested her for a rare form of genetic diabetes (MODY) and she had her diagnosis reclassified. Today she manages her diabetes with tablet medication and no longer needs to take insulin. Read her story and find out more about MODY (p.10).

There are further stories from Natalie Balmain, who has used her diagnosis to direct her career and who now sells clothing to assist with accessing body-worn diabetes technology (p.16). Then there’s David Smith and his wife Emma who, following their son’s diagnosis of Type 1, have started up a website for diabetes kit and accessories (p.30).

In this issue there is also news about Roche Diabetes Care’s collaboration with OurPath, a behaviour-change support system for those hoping to improve their lifestyles (p.26), and information on an insulin patch pump and CGM technology from relative newcomer to the UK, Medtrum (p.20).

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