Sencell CGM technology from Lifecare

LIFECARERS: from left to right: Board Member Joacim Holter, CEO Rune Frisvold, Chairman of the Board C. Saure, with Stig Bratfos and Anette Roth – Carnegie.

Norwegian life-science company Lifecare has gone public on the stock exchange in Oslo in order to continue its advanced development of solutions for diabetes. Lifecare researches and develops miniature CGM sensors called Sencell. Global healthcare spend related to diabetes is expected to reach approximately USD 800 billion in 2040, up from USD 673 billion in 2015 (International Diabetes Federation).

Rune Frisvold, CEO, Lifecare says, “Sencell, our novel and innovative technology, is a long-term implantable glucose sensor that is injected under the skin on the arm. The aim is that the sensor is in the body for a minimum of six months detects changing glucose levels by measuring osmotic pressure. We can read the glucose levels continuously. These levels will be communicated wirelessly to your watch or phone in proximity. We are going to finalize the clinical trials, apply for European approval and develop a working prototype within the next three years.”

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