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Medtronic CareLink Personal new, improved uploader

Medtronic CareLink Personal has been revamped with a new uploader, the result being that Java is no longer required, making uploads much easier. For the simplified uploading of Medtronic supported insulin pumps and CGM to CareLink Personal requires a one-time installation of the new uploader (an ‘applet’) on each computer you wish to use, including Mac computers and laptops. Once installed, return to the CareLink Personal homepage ready to upload your pump or meter and re-register them using their serial numbers.

We are assured that there is ‘more in the pipeline’ as regards improvements and greater  information as to how better to use CareLink as the software has been a bit of a challenge of late with issues surrounding the use of Java. The uploader was launched in the US several weeks ago and delayed for the UK just to see if there were any bugs that needed ironing out. There have not been any issues, however is it not yet compatible with certain web browsers, such as Edge and Google Chrome but these will come in time.

An uploader installation guide, plus a guide on how to upload your pump with the new uploader, can be found in a FAQ document in PDF format. Medtronic CareLink Personal Upload Install+Guide

There are also videos for further assistance. To see how to install the uploader, click HERE. To see how to upload to CareLink, click HERE.

For more information on Carelink Personal, click HERE. For further information and support visit or contact our MiniMed Care Product Support team on 01923-205167 (UK) or 01-511-1444 (Republic of Ireland).

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