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Waveform court win for patents

The US Patent Office Patent Trial and Appeal Board recently ruled to uphold the validity of WaveForm Technologies Inc. patents in the emerging field of continuous glucose monitoring. WaveForm is a developer of novel products for continuous glucose monitoring and a wholly owned subsidiary of AgaMatrix Holdings. It has announced that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) has ruled two early patents held by WaveForm are not invalid, based on challenges brought by Dexcom Inc.

WaveForm Technologies is conducting human clinical studies for their CGM system, and expects to file for CE mark approval for the product in 2018. The WaveForm CGM will offer several potential advantages as compared to currently marketed systems, including easy and virtually painless on-body sensor insertion, rapid one-hour sensor warm up time, and potentially longer sensor wear life (14 days). The WaveForm system is designed to work with leading smartphone platforms and utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer glucose data more frequently, with up to the minute glucose readings viewable directly on a patient’s smartphone without the need for an additional receiver. WaveForm is also developing a proprietary “artificial pancreas” or “closed loop” insulin delivery platform. www.prnewswire.com/waveform

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