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Summer sparklers from Cawston Press

Based in Northhamptonshire, Cawston press was established in 1986. Ten whole apples are crammed into every litre carton of their Original Blends range of juices. Cawston Press Sparklers are cans of delicious fresh flavours m ixing British-grown fruit with sweet, pressed apple with a ‘gentle fizz’ from sparking spring water. Chose from Rhubarb (deliciously tart), Cloudy Apple (refreshingly crisp), Ginger Beer (discernably dry) and Elderflower Lemonade (wonderfully light). Their website includes recipes in which to use their juices. Make a Yorkshire Snowball with Rhubarb sparker, Advocaat, Fino Sherry and limes, or apple and elderflower vinaigrette using Cawston’s apple and elderflower juice.

The juices and sparklers are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and are free from concentrates. The cans average 7.5g of carbs per 100ml (each flavor varies slightly between 6.5 and 8.5g), so just over 20g for the full can. There’s zero fat, and an average of 30cals per 100ml (90cals per can). www.cawstonpress.com

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