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Latest issue: My Diabetes Kit with the DiAthlete, Gavin Griffiths; Kit Report on injection aids; the new Dexcom G6, plus lots of lovely summer foods!

Flick through our latest issue to find out how the DiAthlete managed his control while running 25 (25!) city marathons. You can tell from the front cover, there’s food news a-plenty in this issue, with a look at that seasonal fave, the BBQ, but note that the burgers included this time are made from vegetables, no ham in sight. There’s also a little update on injection aids, particularly pen tops that tell you when you last dosed up. And our Kit That’s Coming Soon feature is about Dexcom’s latest CGM sensor, the G6.

 The Desang Diabetes Magazine is a free-to-receive digital journal (see below). We cover diabetes news, diabetes management equipment (diabetes ‘kit’ such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring equipment) and news about food suitable for a diabetic diet, including a regular Making Carbs Count column. We just need your email address to subscribe you (it’s free, and you can easily unsubscribe should you wish to).  

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