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Bendy tech used for insulin delivery

JDRF is partnering with a US medical technology start-up to develop a flexible patch pump worn over the skin like a plaster. The Evopump will be the size of a business card and just 6mm thick. It should make care more comfortable and discreet for those living with Type 1 diabetes. While pump use in the UK is increasing, some people are put off from using pumps due to their bulky size and visibility. The aim of this partnership, with Massachusetts-based Cam Med, is to overcome these issues and develop a pump that is more convenient and comfortable to use for a wider range of people.

Dr Jaime Giraldo, JDRF Program Scientist for Research, says, “The Evopump represents the type of miniaturised and user-centric design that could substantially reduce the burden of living with type 1 diabetes and remove obstacles preventing some people, particularly children, from using devices that could improve their glucose management.”

The Evopump will be made out of a flexible material so that it can be worn over the skin like a plaster. Special technology will be encased in the thin material to deliver precise amounts of insulin to the wearer through a cannula.

The team at Med Cam estimate that the patch pump could be worn for a week at a time. The partnership with JDRF enables Cam Med to accelerate the development and commercialisation of the Evopump. Described as a bandage-like patch pump for subcutaneous delivery of medications. The Evopump’s flow rate is highly precise, enabling the delivery of highly concentrated formulations of medications. www.myevopump.com

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