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Winning Ways, diabetic MP Chris Rennard’s memoirs

Winning Here is the book of campaign memoirs by LibDem (and diabetic) MP Chris Rennard. In it he puts forward views on things like, How did the Liberal Party survive in the 1970s? Why were the Liberal Democrats formed?

Rennard says, “My insight into all these issues is described in a volume of memoirs stretching from my father’s experience as a wounded POW in WWI, being brought up by my disabled Mum after my father died, orphaned at 16 and having to finish school living in my own flat. I started running council elections in my teens, was a successful constituency agent at 22, the Lib Dem Director of Campaigns & Elections at 29, a peer at 39, and Chief Executive at 43 when the party was at the height of its electoral successes.”

In addition, Rennard is also diabetic. He says, “I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic aged 34 in 1994 and by 2009 I had to make major lifestyle changes as my control was by then extremely poor. I have since learned a lot about the condition, partly as a result of working with other members of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on diabetes. Whilst I now suffer from peripheral diabetic neuropathy, my overall control has much improved as a result of standing down from a hugely demanding role as described in my political memoir ‘Winning Here’ and my level of diabetic medication (insulin and tablets) is about half of what it was ten years ago.”

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